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Our Origin Story

The Daily Record
Published by German Printing and Publishing Company of Berlin Ltd.
*** Thursday, August 28th, 1895 ***
Berlin, Ontario

The Flower Show a Great Success

A stranger in town last evening might have fancied that some big fete was in progress from the crowds wending their way to the Town Hall, but if he would have joined the procession and entered he would have been surprised and delighted at the sight. Three days ago the officers of the Horticultural Society proposed holding a free exhibition of Flowers, Fruit, and Vegetables. The idea took like wildfire - all classes joined, and the results exceeded the expectations of the most sanguine of its promoters.  Rarely in any city or town could such a display be made or such an enthusiasm created.  The Hall was well arranged, and the cultivated eye and good taste of the ladies made the tables a symphony in colour. 

Gladiolus and Asters were shown in greatest numbers and in these lines no show we have ever seen could surpass them.  We are sorry that space prevents more than a mere mention of the fine exhibit of Sweet Peas (Eckford’s Best), Gloxinia, Verbenas, Phlox, Begonias, Cannas, Stocks, Delphinium, and many other cut flowers, while Palms, Auracasias, Ferns and Foliage plants made a rich contrast and a fascinating sight. 

A magnificent specimen of Lilium Auratum was the centre of attraction, its rich perfume enjoyed by all, and a collection of rare and curious Cacti also formed an interesting feature of the exhibition.  The Hall was filled during the evening with a delighted lot of spectators, and all declared the town of Waterloo Horticultural Society a necessary and permanent institution of the place.

​Judging from the smiling countenance of the general President Mr. Lockie he must be the most popular man in town.

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