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Eco-friendly spring garden cleanup list

Spring Cleaning Your Ontario Garden: Eco-Friendly Timing is Key!

Spring is here, Ontario, and with it comes the urge to tidy up our gardens! But before you grab your rake, consider this: timing your garden cleanup can make a big difference for local wildlife.

Here's how to maximize eco-friendly spring garden cleanup practices when tidying your garden:

a bee sleeping on a flower
Eco-friendly spring cleanup

1. Wait until the frost-free period: Leaving fallen leaves and debris over winter provides essential shelter and hibernation spots for beneficial insects, frogs, and other creatures. Wait until after the last frost (typically late April/early May in Ontario) to clear most debris.

a sleeping bee under text
Wait until the frost is gone!

2. Leave some leaf litter: Instead of removing all the leaves, consider creating a leaf pile in a corner of your garden. This provides overwintering habitat for beneficial insects and decomposes into nutrient-rich mulch for your plants.

a sleeping ladybug on a leaf
Leave the leaves

3. Identify and protect early pollinators: Early spring is when some native bees and butterflies emerge. Avoid disturbing areas with emerging flowers or bee houses until these pollinators have had a chance to establish themselves.

a bug pointing at text
Early Pollinators are waking up

4. Manage, don't eliminate: Instead of completely removing dead branches and fallen logs, consider leaving some in a designated area. These provide crucial habitat for decomposers, insects, and small mammals.

a bug that would be useful in the garden
Manage, don't eliminate

5. Opt for natural solutions: If you need to address pest issues, explore natural methods like handpicking, introducing beneficial insects, or using organic pest control products before resorting to chemical solutions.

By following these tips, you can tidy up your garden while supporting the local ecosystem and creating a healthy environment for your plants and wildlife. We can all do our part by participating in an eco-friendly spring cleanup this year. Your garden and back will thank you for it!

Text asking gardeners to use natural solutions and not pesticides
Natural Solutions WIN!

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