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A visit to TASC Farms, where you can pick your own tulips!

One of our members, Stefica, visited the TASC Farms this past weekend and shared her adventures!

"On a rainy Wednesday morning my daughter Elizabeth and I went to the TASC Tulip Farm in Fenwick On ( Niagara region). Our first impression of seeing 2,000.000 tulips at one place took our breath away and brought tears to our eyes. It was so beautiful and wonderful to see. It was like a carpet of multi colours, sizes and varieties . 105 kids of amazing tulips are there. I said this is really heaven on earth, and I meant it.

I am sending you just a few pictures ( I took about 200,) it is hard to decide which ones to take, (because all of them are just gorgeous) so you can see this beauty. If you can drive ( about 2 hours ) please go and see them yourself...

If you have to bribe your children or grandchildren to drive you please do it, even if you buy them lunch it will be worth it. You will see."

For more information on the hours, location and tickets, please visit TASC Tulip Farm.

Thank you Stefica for sharing your experience with us!

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